Pedro Teotónio Pereira
Coordinator Museu de Lisboa – Santo António


The part of the Museu de Lisboa dedicated to St. Anthony is next to the church bearing his name, which is traditionally considered the site of his birthplace.

This museum showcases St. Anthony’s cultural aspect, not just from a historical and religious point of view, but with an emphasis on his importance as a social and anthropological phenomenon.

Centred around the figure of St. Anthony, one of the world’s most popular saints, with a devoted following not only in Lisbon but throughout Portugal, this museum serves as a point of departure for learning more about his life and work and exploring the vast and extraordinary heritage, both tangible and intangible, that is found throughout the five continents.

In addition to the history and rich iconography surrounding St. Anthony, which has accumulated over centuries, the museum also reveals the traditions associated with this miracle-working saint, famed for matchmaking and finding lost objects, as well as the various festivals that Lisbon dedicates to him every year: the procession in Alfama, the St. Anthony marriages, the celebrations in the working-class districts, the festivities in the traditional neighbourhoods, and the thrones that are constructed throughout the city.

To visit the Museu de Santo António is to discover Lisbon’s essence and appreciate the ancestral customs of its people.

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